Fashions of Royal Women: Princess Charlotte

Charlotte, Princess of Monaco

BornAugust 3, 1986 (age 29), Monte Carlo, Monaco
If we are talking about favourite fashionable royals, then naturally Monaco needs to mentioned.
The first time I saw photos of Princess Charlotte, eighth in line for the throne, she was in a magazine (pic below). Her style was so simple. She was wearing a simple black top and her hair, skin and eye brows were perfectly shaped. Make up? Barely any. The effect was mesmerising.
In addition to having the good fortune of being born into royalty, and the perks that entails, her beauty could easily be traced back to her grandmother, Princess Grace aka Grace Kelly of Hollywood fame.
Compared with other royals, I wouldn’t call Princess Caroline a fashionista; her style is simple and safe. She typically doesn’t show too much skin, instead opting for high neck tops/dresses; a style which makes me feel more feminine while wearing.
Royal women are typically photographed in dresses or skirts, but Princess Charlotte can also rock a pant suit better than most! As a keen horse rider, she is also often seen walking around in her equestrian kit. Again, a style which I respond very well too – Ralph Lauren, anyone??
But it’s not just about her clothing; she is often snapped with her hair in a ponytail or a bun. It most likely is styled to an inch of it’s life, but it gives me hope that my choice of hair style can look effortlessly chic!

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