UPDATE: How can I survive without bread???

So, I have now completed a few days of my new diet – no dairy (other than in my coffee and tea) and no refined carbohydrates, except for Vita Wheat.

I am now ready to eat my fist – if only it was warm toasty bread with nutella (which I don’t normally eat, but am craving right now).

When deciding on this diet, I forgot that chocolate has dairy in it. Need I say anymore?

But, I have survived so far and I sincerely hope to make it at least another full 24 hours – errr, sorry, 5 weeks.

I even had a salad for breakfast with eggs and bacon. LOL. Yeah…..I really, REALLY missed spreading my avocado over thick soy and linseed bakery bread.

All I can say is, I hope my body adjusts over the next days.

Keeping my eye on the bigger picture right now…..

Hmmm fuck I’d LOVE a burger right now.

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