Nude, beaches, fun – AGAIN



Well guys, I am back at it. I am getting naked…again !

The Sydney Skinny will be held on the 28th February 2016 at Cobblers Beach in Sydney, Australia!

You may remember when I did it in 2014….the test runs, and what it was like to stip bare and swim 900 metres with 1000 other nudies. 

It has been confirmed that I will be in the Nudie wave, which is led by Tim Dormer (Big Brother fame).

My interest in this swim is still on highlighting that despite our differences, we are all the same. And in our own way, we are all beautiful – cliche, I know I know, but it’s true. I recently saw an image of an 80 +  year old woman in a bikini; I couldn’t help but look at her lines and bumps in intricate detail. My nose was quite close to the screen of my mobile phone….Not what I would call traditionally beautiful but very unique and interesting. The surprise wore off and I started to appreciate the beauty in her body and spirit. To her husband, I bet she is a total fox, whose body has given him children and a lifetime of pleasure and comfort.

The other reason is to test myself. No matter how many times I get naked in front of a beach full of strangers, it tests my confidence. And like a muscle, the more we test the muscle, the bigger it grows.

And, it’s surprisingly fun. Simple, clean, fun. So, off I toddle to the naked beach !

I had committed to doing it last year, but due to personal reasons, I wasn’t able to complete it. Thankfully, life is full of second chances, so I am back at it!

Will you be joining me? I promise to not look….

* Image from The Sydney Skinny

6 thoughts on “Nude, beaches, fun – AGAIN

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