What’s in a goal?

By now I am sure you realise that goals, resolutions, ambitions, whatever you want to call them, are important to me. I like to achieve for achievements sake but also so I feel my life is evolving and constantly moving forward.

Here are some of the benefits when I set goals:

1. Create Purpose and Meaning in Life

I am an ambitious and driven person but struggle when I’m not learning, evolving, or improving – all areas which are key to giving me purpose. My job gives me a lot of purpose, but this year I am focused on identifying other ways to give me that drive and sense of purpose. Setting goals helps me identify what creates purpose in my life.

2. Control Over My Future

I have a vision of what I want out of life and how I want to live it. Without goals, I feel like I am walking around aimlessly. I like to know that I have some control over my own destiny and how I am going to get there.

3. Clarity and Focus On What’s Important

Without clear goals, I become complacent and am more likely to fall into bad habits (of which I have many!).  There is so much I want to do, and at times I feel like I have unlimited time; then it dawns on me that time doesn’t stop for anyone and my life is running away from me. It’s key to remain focused on what’s important to me and what isn’t.

4. Remain motivated

When I write my goals down, they start to feel real. When I review them, my passion is triggered and I am reminded of what I am trying to achieve; the process keeps me motivated.

5. Get Faster Results

Once I have clear written goals, my mind starts to focus on how to achieve those goals.  Instead of just hoping that I’ll do something someday (I am notorious for thinking!), I start to make progress daily. The smallest actions on a daily basis, add up to big results over a year.

6. Time Management: Prioritising, priorities

With clear goals I struggle to see the forest through the trees. Without goals, I find it difficult to manage my time and juggle competing priorities. With goals, I’m able to better manage my time, remain focused and prioritise what’s important to me. Goals keep the bigger picture in focus and it’s easier for me to manage my time for the best possible result.

7. Peace of Mind

Is it just me, or do you find yourself not being able to sleep and becoming confused or frustrated with the limitless number of tasks that need to be done?  When I am focused on my goals, my life has more perspective, I can prioritise more easily and then action what needs to be done. Having a plan gives me peace and life is so much more pleasant.

Do you find setting goals helps you live the life you want to lead?


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