Parklands, Blue Mountains

Travelling is instrumental to my life.

I must travel, and regularly. Is there anything more exciting than exploring what this world has to offer? The people, food, sights and most definitely the hotels.

Have I mentioned my love of hotels?

I heard there was a new hotel in Blackheath within the Blue Mountains, called Parklands. I’d been eyeing the website for a ‘price is right’ deal, and someone got lucky!

After a 2 hour drive from Sydney, then up through the Blue Mountains, you drive through these big white gates, onto the white gravel. For me, that crunch under the tyres, or my feet, is the sound of the country. And it brings on a feeling of peace.

The main house is big, white and casually elegant – helps when it’s surrounded by big green, lush lawns and blooming cherry blossoms.

My room, wasn’t a room – it was more like a suite; master bedroom, living space and bathroom.

The rooms seem to be part of a series of newly built villas – rooms upstairs and downstairs. I chose the downstairs one, as I love access to a garden or a patio. However, as they are newly built, I couldn’t use the patio as it overlooked the carpark – so no privacy! The owners have planted some bushes around the patio, which with time will fill out.

The room was beautifully appointed with classic colours and all the mod cons you could ask for a luxurious weekend away.

The main highlight for me was the bed. It was so unbelievably plush – Queen size, which gave reasonable support while also having a topper to make you think you were floating.  There was a big window, with a bay seat, which overlooking the bush. Magic.

If you wanted to leave the property, there are a few restaurants in Blackheath, and plenty more in near by Katoomba and Leura.

Perfectly suited for lovers or a weekend away with girlfriends.
















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