REVIEW: Ryo’s, the best ramen in Sydney

Enjoying the Sydney food scene is a huge hobby of mine. I love experiencing the different types of cuisine available, the  restaurant decor, the atmosphere and most importantly the amazing produce this country of ours creates.

As enjoying food is so important to me, and my life journey, why not share some of these experiences on the blog? I am incredibly pleased to introduce a monthly restaurant review!!! They may be my favourite eateries, but it won’t be written by yours truly.

One one of my talented friends, Aimee, is a journo by trade but also the brains, and pen, behind Community Table – The People Behind The Food.

The first review is of Ryo’s in Crows Nest, Sydney. This is my favourite cheap eat in Sydney! It’s quick and the ramen is to die for. If you haven’t tried it, I would strongly recommend you visit.



As soon as you sweep aside the noren curtains and push through the orange doors, you’re instantly greeted with a friendly Japanese smile and directed to your seat. It’s almost an identical experience to what you would get in Japan.

But that’s if you’re lucky enough to not have to wait in line to get in first. Come weekends Ryo’s is a favourite for many regulars who are looking for an authentic Japanese ramen experience, Japanese expats who want a taste of home, or those who want to relive their Japanese holiday over a bowl of noodles and soup.

The original Ryo’s is located in Crows Nest, but more recently the business opened up a second shop in Bondi Junction to cater for those who have long rated it as the place that serves up the best ramen in Sydney.

While it doesn’t have a large menu, Ryo’s serves up enough to tick the boxes for many tastebuds, including ramen in traditional pork broth, ramen in chicken soup for those wanting a lighter option, ramen in bolognese sauce, or rice dishes such as curry and rice or onigiri (rice balls). The menu has even been transcribed on butcher’s paper in kanji and stuck on the walls, adding to the authentic décor of a Tokyo noodle house.

But don’t come here expecting to be able to sit around and have long conversations; it’s more of an eat-and-run joint. You put in your order, head over to the counter to grab your self-service water in colourful plastic tumblers and complimentary pickled ginger– if that’s your thing – and as soon you get back your dishes will have arrived.

A favourite and the biggest seller is the ‘number 2’: A deep bowl of ramen in a thick and soy sauce flavoured pork soup, which is packed with roast pork slices, nori, egg, and shallots. When served, it’s only traditional to have a spoon in one hand, a set of chopsticks in the other, and to get your head down low to the bowl and slurp away.

If you’re easily tempted like we are, the chicken karaage is never a let down either. Served with Kewpie mayo, the bite-size chicken pieces are lightly battered and salted, and always crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.



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