The Hydro Majestic, Blue Mountains


The Hydro Majestic is a jewel in Blue Mountains crown.

When I was 10, I remember driving past it in the back seat of the family car, and thinking how grand it was. The sprawling, white, art deco estate alongside the highway in the township of Medlow Bath;  a few kilometres from where I first saw and felt snow….but I digress….

Over 10 years ago a bunch of friends drove up for high tea – the food was OK but the venue was a dump. Like anything, or anyone, in life it needed to be nurtured and loved. Over the next few years, it was abandoned and neglected. Thankfully the hotel chain, The Escarpment Group, bought it, refurbished it, and polished it like the precious diamond it is.

What surprised me most as I walked through the various sections of the hotel is how few bedrooms there are. The bedrooms are confined to one small section of the venue, the rest of the building is lounges, foyers, eateries – even a grand ballroom! I spent over an hour walking through the building enjoying the different views over the valley and the super luxe furnishings.

My room was overlooking the valley and not surprisingly the room was small. The styling was consistent with the rest of the venue – art deco, blacks paired with bold colours, velvet and sheer fabrics. And the bed, well, that was big and comfortable – The Escarpment Group seem to consistently nail the beds! Pun may be intended….;)

As the room is small, which matches the era of the building, it’s a perfect venue for those who would rather socialise in the many saloons or enjoy the various sites within the Blue Mountains. For a more intimate time, Parklands may be more suitable as it has couches, fireplaces and are designed for couples to spend time focused on each other.

As the hotel is part of The Escarpment Group, it’s possible to enjoy the facilities at each other of the hotels – whether that be the various spas or restaurants throughout the hotels. I spent a few solid hours enjoying the view, poolside at Lilianfels. As did the flock of ducks which joined me!

Before heading out for dinner, and again before breakfast, I spent time walking through the gardens and admiring the outside of the building. Even though I was there in the middle of summer it was cool and misty. So much living has happened over the course of The Hydro’s life that you can feel the magic pouring out of the walls and in the surrounding air. It didn’t matter if I was walking in the rain, there is something so invigorating and intoxicating about history, especially when paired with nature.

The Hydro Majestic is a very special venue and I loved my visit – it won’t be long before I take another trip up the mountains even if it’s for a g&t with a lover, or high tea with the girls.

* My visit to The Hydro Majestic was courtesy of The Escarpment Group.















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