You Don’t Look Like You Have An Eating Disorder


As I was scrolling through Facebook earlier today, a video titled “You Don’t Look Like You Have An Eating Disorder” caught my eye.

A group of people with, or who have survived, eating disorders were interviewed. The purpose was to show us the harmful misconceptions society hold about eating disorders and the impact this can have of those who suffer from them.

Please watch the video. There is a high chance a friend, family member or even a lover has an eating disorder – you just don’t know it because it’s so secretive. I know people in my life with them, and I’ve been blessed enough to have them open up so I can hear how they view themselves, what type of illness they have, how they do it, and why they do it. It’s incredibly confronting.

People with eating disorders are so shameful of the way they look. There is so much hatred and disgust when they look in the mirror. And unfortunately it doesn’t just alter their mood for an hour or so, they live with it every hour of everyday so the flow on effect is felt within their worlds as other relationships are affected by it. Is this not hell?

About 30 million people in the United States experience eating disorders at some point in their lives, but even more experience disordered eating; this is when “a wide range of abnormal eating behaviors, many of which are shared with diagnosed eating disorders.”

And people wonder why the body confidence movement is necessary! Not everyone may be comfortable looking at plus size, or petite, women online but the above statistics are related to the US ONLY. What if we could encourage and nurture more self love. Maybe people would focus inwardly and not be so critical of others which naturally perpetuates the cycle. And if we stop, or even slow down the cycle, we can reduce these these alarming stats.

Reading the materials and watching the videos has reinforced why I am again doing the Sydney Skinny. We need to learn to understand and accept our bodies. We need to stamp out these unnecessary and very harmful illnesses.

WatchCut has realised this video as part of a series to raise awareness during Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

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