Style Icon: Ivanka Trump #womenwhowork

Trump – what a controversial name at the moment; mostly due to Donald Trump running for President of the United States.

Unfortunately he has had enough attention in recent, well forever, so thankfully he isn’t the Trump I want to focus on.

His daughter, Ivanka, is who I want to discuss. She is a business woman, wife, mother and…style icon; all while oozing elegance and sophistication.

I love that she has it all.

She has been brought up with a silver spoon, but, there is something to be said about a person who then continues to build the legacy one is born into. And no one can deny she has done just that.

In addition to her work with The Trump Organization, she has also founded a her own lifestyle business (which includes a fashion line!), seems to be happily married to her gorgeous husband Jared Kushner, and is mum to three gorgeous children. And all while making it look so easy.

I love the way she balances femininity and beauty with strength and power.


Who is your style icon?








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