5 Tips for Chub Rub


This is not a glamorous post but chub rub, or thigh chafe, is a real and serious issue.

Chub rub happens when skin is irritated between thighs because it’s continually rubbing together – it often occurs during summer when it’s hot and humid.

My whole life I’ve had chubby thighs; lets call it a family trait! So without a doubt I am an expert in this field. I have plenty of memories where I could no longer walk because the skin between my legs had been worn away. Thankfully, I have developed my own techniques to manage the situation – often than not, expensive products are not needed! Clearly this post has not been endorsed 😉

Even though thigh rub is often seen as a ‘big girls problem’, there are plenty of people who suffer due to vigorous exercise. My hints to avoid or reduce the symptoms will help a wide variety of people.

Here are my tips to sooth your inner thighs:



We cover babies michelin bums and thighs with talcum powder to prevent nappy rash, and it’s no different for us! This works a treat as it absorbs extra moisture between the legs; however, if it’s a humid day or you’re walking a lot you’ll need to reapply or use with some of the other listed items.

Keep.It. Cool.

This next step is not sexy so you’ll most likely do it alone – or when you’re married :/. When you get home, put the air con on, lay on the couch or on your bed, spread your legs and …. fan it. Yep! Stay there for as long as possible so ensure the remote, computer and snacks are near by.


The moisture between your legs is what helps agitates and aggregates the skin. So when you get out of the shower/ocean/steam room/gym make sure you take some time to dry the skin properly and keep it dry! The extra time is worth not feeling the chub rub pain.


When the skin is dry and less inflamed moisturise the buggery out of it. Help the skin repair by feeding it with the good stuff and you can get back to business faster.

Create a protective barrier for the skin

In summer I will often be seen in shorts because it helps protect the skin on my thighs from rubbing together; they also absorb excess moisture. Shorts also allows me to not worry about flashing the goods in very unlady like positions – but thats another story….

I hope these hints have given you a different perspective on how you can avoid chub rub!

Feel free to comment or message me with any other ideas you have to prevent thigh chafe.




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