Plus size bloggers changing the game

There continues to be a gaping hole in the marketplace for on-trend, stylish, great quality and flattering plus size clothing. However, as brands are slowly starting to come to the plus size party, helping lead this charge is an increasing group of fabulous women. Women  with curves who have great style and the confidence to show them off.

With so many curvy ladies with various shapes and sizes it’s great to see women who truly understand style and demand that old school views of bigger women and clothing don’t apply.

This movement is so important for more reasons than to just look pretty; great style is a right, not a ‘nice for some’.


Here is a list of some of my top curvy bloggers. I hope you’re prepared for a lust fest!

Nicolette Mason 






Jay Miranda



Tanesha Awasthi



7 Habits of Stylish People



There are very few people who can be considered genuinely stylish.

It’s easy to wear the hottest labels but this approach isn’t always sustainable. This can be very expensive and there are some bills which should always take precedence, but also because many fashionable items are no longer in vogue six months down the track.

Scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest the personalities are often wearing the same brands and if you squint your eyes start to morph into one another. Boring!

Then you stumble on personalities which are amazing;  chic, cool, interesting and unique. These women know their bodies. They understand their shape and style and what transpires is a visual love fest. They frame their bodies with clothes, the way an artist frames their paintings.

These women are truly stylish and from which we should aim to take our fashion inspiration. So, here is a list of 7 habits highly stylish people to help inspire you’re style journey.

1. They don’t copy exactly what they see
With Pinterest, Instagram and blogs aplenty there is so much fodder for your style inspiration. Remember it’s fun to admire but it’s not always healthy to emulate.

2. They aren’t afraid of any store—and can find something almost anywhere
Legitimately stylish women will visit any store with zero snob factor, yet they manage to stay true to their look. A stylish person understands quality, quirky and interesting items can be found anywhere from a Vinnie’s rack, Target or Louis Vuitton.

3. They know how to style themselves to their own taste
Most stylish girls will say “I’ve had this blazer for 10 years” and mean it.

The blazer itself is nice, but it’s the way it was styled; great-fitting jeans, loose shirt with an extra button undone, heels, and added a killer pair of modern statement earrings.

4. They always look radiantly natural 
Highly stylish people are often in the habit of always  standing out from the crowd in any situation.

They might wear a pair of sneakers when the others are teetering on sky-high heels, or pull her hair into a top knot when everyone else has long beachy waves. Small elements often make them look more natural but still polished.

5. Confidence is key 
The most stylish women are ones who have confidence, and who know they don’t need the $700 jumper or $2,000 handbag to make themselves appear cool.

A confident person can light up a room in a t shirt and jeans.

6. They aren’t slaves to fashion
Some of the most stylish people are able to have fun with fashion and follow trends without looking like a slave. If you don’t like a trend—even if every blogger under the sun is wearing it—don’t buy into it. It’s that simple.

7. They dress for themselves
During a time where the comparison game is strong, highly stylish people dress for themselves, their lifestyle and what looks good on them.

It doesn’t matter if those heels are the hottest around, if you can’t walk in them, it’s not stylish.


Q&A: Canna Campbell, Founder SASS Financial


Canna Campbell is a remarkable woman. She founded SASS Financial in 2007 after a successful career in one of Australia’s major banks. Her vision is to help people build realisitic financial independence, so they can focus on enjoying what makes them happy – umm yes!

Through her Instagram feed, you get this sense of determination to help people reach their financial dreams – all supported by a feminine energy which is quite alluring and certainly inspiring.

I have followed her story for many years through Instagram. Her feed is full of photos with her young son Rocco as they explore the world in style. As you scroll through, you get this sense of her drive to build her business and create the life she wants for her herself and Rocco.

As I get older and my own ambition to build my own business grows, I am always fascinated to hear the story of how other women build their dreams. I hope you are too!

So Canna, thank you for sharing part of your story with us.


What inspired you to work in finance?

My father got me into investing whilst I was studying and working part time in a bar and studying Bachelor of Commerce…it wasn’t until I got my first dividend cheque that I had my big Aha moment. My interest grew from this point and I never looked back.

Financial independence has become a priority for the modern woman, what are your top 5 tips to ensure women are financially free?

  1. Know your flow – have a budget so that you know where your hard earned money goes and helps ensures that you live within your means.
  1. Stay out of toxic debt – credit card debt, personal loans, car loans etc. This type of debt holds you back, is energetically draining and an unnecessary distraction in stopping you achieve financial health and harmony for yourself.
  1. Have financial goals – you don’t need to have a goal to become a billionaire but just like we have health and fitness goals, having some financial goals is very empowering and motivating. Financial goals like paying off student loans, building up some savings or learning how to invest are all great achievements to work towards and come with great personal growth.
  1. Educate – learn about personal financial management. In school and Uni we are taught how to run businesses and read balance sheets but not many institutions teach us how to look after our own finances.

What challenges do you experience working in a male dominated industry? How do you deal with this? 

This has never really been an issue for me, if you surround yourself with inspiring, motivating and interesting people where you all help yourself it doesn’t matter if they are male or female.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I am up early most morning at 5 am and depending on the day of the week, each day is different. However I try and squeeze some exercise in as a priority between client meetings, designing financial strategies and reading economic updates. Often I get my best ideas whilst on the treadmill.

What drives you to get out of bed every day?

I love what I do and am passionate about helping people make their lives less stressful. Also when we are at peace or comfort with our finances, we can give more…and this includes charities, which is something that I am going to be including on my channel.

Have you experienced online bullying, and if so, how do you deal with this?

If something upsets me, I will look into it and see if there is an element of truth and if there is something for me to grow and learn from. If not, I move forward.

With a thriving business, a son, and busy social calendar, what are your tips for keeping in shape?

I exercise during my lunch break…it is the only time that I get, so I make it count.

What’s the best thing about being a mum?

That moment when they wrap their arms around you. So sincere and special…

What do you find most challenging thing about motherhood?

The exhaustion…

What are some of your favorite things to do as a family?

Going to our local cafe together with the dogs and heading down to our local park.

What do you do to relax? Exercise get into the ocean spend time with friends and family. Play with Rocco and my dogs…on and sometimes a glass of champagne helps!

How would you explain your personal style?

Classic, polished and feminine.

What is your must have beauty product?

A great moisturiser.

Favourite fashion and beauty brands?

Scanlan and Theodore and Mecca

What are your top 3 essential items in your wardrobe?

A pencil skirt, a classic cashmere jumper and a great stiletto heal.

Most loved item in your wardrobe?

My Chanel 2.55

Who is your biggest inspiration in life? Why?

I get inspired by so many different things I see, read and hear and all at different times. Sometimes the biggest inspirations comes from the littlest or simplest things.


Style Icon: Ivanka Trump #womenwhowork

Trump – what a controversial name at the moment; mostly due to Donald Trump running for President of the United States.

Unfortunately he has had enough attention in recent, well forever, so thankfully he isn’t the Trump I want to focus on.

His daughter, Ivanka, is who I want to discuss. She is a business woman, wife, mother and…style icon; all while oozing elegance and sophistication.

I love that she has it all.

She has been brought up with a silver spoon, but, there is something to be said about a person who then continues to build the legacy one is born into. And no one can deny she has done just that.

In addition to her work with The Trump Organization, she has also founded a her own lifestyle business (which includes a fashion line!), seems to be happily married to her gorgeous husband Jared Kushner, and is mum to three gorgeous children. And all while making it look so easy.

I love the way she balances femininity and beauty with strength and power.


Who is your style icon?








The Hydro Majestic, Blue Mountains


The Hydro Majestic is a jewel in Blue Mountains crown.

When I was 10, I remember driving past it in the back seat of the family car, and thinking how grand it was. The sprawling, white, art deco estate alongside the highway in the township of Medlow Bath;  a few kilometres from where I first saw and felt snow….but I digress….

Over 10 years ago a bunch of friends drove up for high tea – the food was OK but the venue was a dump. Like anything, or anyone, in life it needed to be nurtured and loved. Over the next few years, it was abandoned and neglected. Thankfully the hotel chain, The Escarpment Group, bought it, refurbished it, and polished it like the precious diamond it is.

What surprised me most as I walked through the various sections of the hotel is how few bedrooms there are. The bedrooms are confined to one small section of the venue, the rest of the building is lounges, foyers, eateries – even a grand ballroom! I spent over an hour walking through the building enjoying the different views over the valley and the super luxe furnishings.

My room was overlooking the valley and not surprisingly the room was small. The styling was consistent with the rest of the venue – art deco, blacks paired with bold colours, velvet and sheer fabrics. And the bed, well, that was big and comfortable – The Escarpment Group seem to consistently nail the beds! Pun may be intended….;)

As the room is small, which matches the era of the building, it’s a perfect venue for those who would rather socialise in the many saloons or enjoy the various sites within the Blue Mountains. For a more intimate time, Parklands may be more suitable as it has couches, fireplaces and are designed for couples to spend time focused on each other.

As the hotel is part of The Escarpment Group, it’s possible to enjoy the facilities at each other of the hotels – whether that be the various spas or restaurants throughout the hotels. I spent a few solid hours enjoying the view, poolside at Lilianfels. As did the flock of ducks which joined me!

Before heading out for dinner, and again before breakfast, I spent time walking through the gardens and admiring the outside of the building. Even though I was there in the middle of summer it was cool and misty. So much living has happened over the course of The Hydro’s life that you can feel the magic pouring out of the walls and in the surrounding air. It didn’t matter if I was walking in the rain, there is something so invigorating and intoxicating about history, especially when paired with nature.

The Hydro Majestic is a very special venue and I loved my visit – it won’t be long before I take another trip up the mountains even if it’s for a g&t with a lover, or high tea with the girls.

* My visit to The Hydro Majestic was courtesy of The Escarpment Group.















FINALE: Fashions of Royal Women: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

BornJanuary 9, 1982 (age 34), Reading, United Kingdom
Height1.75 m
I couldn’t do a series of fashionable royals without including Catherine Windsor nee Middleton.
Over the years, Kate Middleton has as many critics about her fashion choices, as she has fans. Clearly, I am a fan.
Her style was fairly awkward at the beginning (I chose to exclude those pics…) but since joining the Windsor family, she has grown into a classic and elegant style.
Many experts say her choices are safe, but I get a sense it’s authentic. Lace and pleats are common features, as are dress coats – all of which I love! And despite the occasion injection of colour, she atypically sticks with a neutral palette of navy, white, cream and black. And, nude pumps anyone?
But, at the end of the day, I don’t think Kate is sitting there worrying about what we think; she after all married a Prince, and seems to be living out a happily ever after.
I enjoyed scrolling through Kate’s style over the years, I hope you enjoy the below selection.

Fashions of Royal Women: Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States

BornJanuary 17, 1964 (age 51), Chicago, Illinois, United States 
Height1.80 m
SpouseBarack Obama (m. 1992)


OK, so she isn’t actually a royal, but surely she is considered American royalty!

I LOVE this woman. And, she is a woman who loves fashion. Her fashion choices are as bold as she is – doesn’t matter the colour, or style, she has worn it; and she always rocks it! Maybe it’s her badass confidence that makes it work for her.

In addition to her nailing the fashion stakes, she is also a lawyer and writer – yes, I have a big woman crush on her.